What is the difference between normal health bonus and endurance bonus? Edit

  • Normal health bonus: For each level you rise you gain a tiny bit of health point. You gain 1-2 HP per level. Vitality or Immortal doesn't seem to affect this (unconfirmed).
Endurance improved lv6
  • Endurance bonus: This is a health point boost when you see the message "Endurance improved" (see right) confirmed by Ronga at BestBrute. You gain much more health points than usual when you receive such a bonus. The extra bouns is HP +6 if you don't have any health-boosting specialities, together with the normal health bonus (1-2 HP) that you receive, and that becomes 7-8 HP in total. [1]. You get much more bonus when you have vitality or immortal (let's say 20 HP).


  1. spectator009 stat
    Lv5 HP 57, 2/5/3
    Lv6 HP 65, 2/5/9 +Bolt of lightening
    HP+8, sp+6, +speciality

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