Listing of all weapons in MyBrute. Weapons are a special bonus unlike Specialities or stat bonuses, they can be thrown, disarmed or used to smack down the opposing brute. Be wary of high agility brutes, as they will dodge your blows!

Most weapons can also have some special effects and modifiers to their abilities.

Weapon Details

There are 26 weapons in total in My Brute.

Weapon Classes Edit

  • Fast Fast : Fast weapons have an increased chance to get extra attacks and are harder to dodge.
  • Slow Slow : Slow weapons have a much lower chance to get double attacks and block.
  • Heavy Heavy : Heavy weapons receive a bonus from the Strong Arm special.
  • Thrown Thrown : Thrown weapons can only be thrown at your opponent, but unlike throwing a single sword you'll have a lot more of them!
  • Melee Melee : Gain a damage bonus from the Master of Arms special.

Weapon Effects Edit

  • Multihit Multi hit : Allows multiple hits in rapid succession.
  • Disarm Disarm : Gives your weapon a small chance to disarm your opponent, even if your Brute does not have the Impact skill.
  • Counter Counter : The counter effect allows your brute a greater chance to hit an incoming opponent before he strikes you.
  • Block Block : Gives your weapon a small chance to block all incoming damage.

Weapon Table Edit

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