Pupils are players who join the game by clicking your main brute link, for example, where brutename is the name of your brute. You can find this link in your cell.

Anyone who creates a new brute and starts fighting your brute is considered your pupil. Your pupils will see you as their Master, just like you will see the person that referred you as your master.

The master is awarded 1 experience by getting a qualified pupil. The pupil gets no experience nor other benefits. Master gets 1 exp too each time the pupil gains one level.

The relationship between pupils and masters Edit

Alright everyone who plays My Brute should know about Pupils. Pupils are one of the fastest ways to get experiences and easily level up your brute.

The problem with Pupils is one common misconception --- Becoming a pupil will give you the stats (skills, weapons, or pets) of the Master. This is not true in any way. Of course it makes sense that the master would "teach" the pupil some skills but you have to remember this is only a game!

Do not fall for those people saying "Pupil me and get a bear by level 3!" or "People who became my pupil to get the flail!". These are all just people who want to cheat you into their pupils and gain experiences from you.

You would better pupil people who really helped someone or provided tips for you.

Hope this article helps you all avoid training useless Brutes because someone told you to do so!

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