How can I fight against brutes with pets?Edit

Brutes with pets (also known as pet owners) are hard to deal with, especially wolves and bears. 1 dog may be fairly easy to deal with but multiple dogs (max 3) may cause you some headaches. A wolf or a bear is capable of knocking the brute itself without the aid of its master. The wolf hits very fast and is dangerous. It can hit multiple times before the opponent having chance to fight back. The bear has tons of health points, slow but can do high damage. Due to its high HP, it can help its master to absorb a lot of damages. See Ronga Cheatsheet (Pet Section) for details on pet statistics. That's why people avoid battling against brutes with pets.

Pets do have weaknessesEdit

However pets aren't bullet-proof. They do have weaknesses:

  1. Pet owner (brute with pets) suffers from HP penalty (see Ronga Cheatsheet (Pet Section) for details). Their HP will drag down when they get each pet. Note that it doesn't largely offset the benefits gained from getting good pets.
  2. Since the pet owner suffers from HP penalty, getting damaging weapons and strength/damage-boosting specialities (e.g. Fierce brute, Hammer speciality) can counter pet owner too confirmed by Ronga at BestBrute. Forestall the pets and knock out the pet owner first before its pets can do much on you. However brutes attack targets randomly. You have to hope your brute is smart enough to use the right speciality to hit the right target. The higher your agility is, the better you can dodge pets' attack, reducing their usefulness and giving you chances to use the right specialities.
  3. There are anti-pet specialities for your brutes to attain. Some of them are so effective that it can cause a 180-degree change, turning out to be the pet owners who fear to fight those with good anti-pet specialities.

Anti-pet specialitiesEdit

The following specialities are useful to counter pets:

  • Net Net: Good for single strong target. It traps your opponent or one of your opponent's pets in a net. Once trapped in the net, they have been rendered helpless and can't participate in the fight until they get attacked.
  • Bomb Bomb: Good for multiple targets. Throw a bomb at your opponent's which is inevitable confirmed by Ronga at BestBrute. The opponent brute and all its pets gets a constant damage of about 13-18 each.
  • Cryofthedamned Cry of the Damned: Good for single strong target. Scare 1-2 of your enemy's pets away from the fight. This speciality can be used for multiple times.
  • Hypnosis Hypnosis: Pet killer, good for both cases. Makes all of your opponent's pets change over to your side of the fight. This is the thief speciality for stealing pets!

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